Friday, 1 August 2008


Thirty one days ago, I had the (not-so) great idea of giving up beer for a month. It was hard, but I've done it... I never want to see a pint of cider again in my life. This weekened is going to be a binge-drinking beer-bonanza... Not just any beer though, oh no. I intend on sampling the finest beers known to humanity. This got me thinking about an advert I did last year some time for a beer and wine wholesalers. I tried to recreate their logo into a cliche'd beer label. This involved looking around for all the obvious generic-conventions, and typically used styles...

I enjoyed it, and as a homage to all those great little designs (and beer itself), here's some of my favourits.

Heineken takes the lead I think... Just looking at that red star and rotated lowercase e makes me thirsty! If anyone is ever in Amsterdam, take a little bit of time out from doobie-smoking and 'window shopping', and wander down to the Heineken Experience in the old brewery. It's very cool.

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