Friday, 1 August 2008


I'd guess we probably have at least 1000 fonts on the system at work... Out of those, I'd guess I probably use about two dozen on a regular basis. One little gem keeps popping up in my magazine work recently, and that's Melior.

A sturdy frame of strong curves and precise serifs give Melior a 'machine-cut', modern take on the classic, traditional style. Here are a few of it's highlights:
This is what had to say:
"...possesses a broad range of uses due to its technical and formal qualities. The overall design is based on the rectangle. Take capital O as a point of departure for appreciating this concept. Used in long texts, the Melior font family gives the page a distinction rarely found in most faces. Likewise, Melior can be used in all sorts of short jobs..."
Nice one Hermann.

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