Monday, 4 April 2011

Home made type

A lot of these website, notonthehighstreet, etsy etc have an abundance of large type which you can buy from their sellers ranging from £3-£20 per letter, depending on size.
Linking to my last post,  I seriously wanted some oversized Clarenden lettering somewhere at my big day with the idea of 'Mr & Mrs' (I had to get the ampersand in somehow). Realising that six 200mm letters could set me back over £100 I decided to use my role as a technology teacher to set about making them myself from plywood.
Here are my results. The only problem now is hoping that they are still at the venue at the end of the night, (that means no pinching.... Mark!)

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Mark said...

i can't promise that i won't steal the ampersand...

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