Thursday, 3 December 2009


Was killing some time in the ol library the other day, flicking through some design magazines. Found something I definitely need more of in my life - t-shirts covered in Helvetica! This one is pretty quirky.

Really cool idea. People seem to be going nuts at the moment over what's in their food. Nutrients, fat, salt, is it organic, how many e-numbers. All that nonsense. Do you think all those health freaks know there's a certain amount of Arsenic inside their little pedantic bodies??? I didn't. Buy yours here. Only twenty quid I think. Bargain. More from the same designer here.

Running with that theme. I was recently in Iceland (very cool place), and wanted a souvenir.

It says 'I don't speak Icelandic'. It's one of the few places I've been where people don't automatically assume you're a tourist and speak to you in English. Mine's in red!

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