Thursday, 25 September 2008


I've just been informed that my beloved typeface Bembo is too hard to read in print, and far too light to be reproduced correctly... Stupidly, I've been using it for a while now. Silly me, if only I knew. So, I'm making one last advert set in this 'unreadable font', then bidding it farewell.
the following is a personal homage

(click for larger image - you won't regret it)
"Since the late 15th century, Bembo has been among the most universally admired — and imitated — type designs ever created."
Bembo is a true classic–and a typographic gem."
Goodbye old friend.


typejunky said...

Similar problem with Perpetua recently, the old Eric Gill favourite. The x-height is proportionally smaller than the cap height, Enlarging the typeface and leading made it look dreadful, so after much agonising we we had to ditch it, (not my choice) and started using Berling, which I don't like as much. grrr.

Mark said...

Was this for the Rialto?
I've always liked Perpetua. I think it looks really sharp and clean. Speshly the lower case 'a'.

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