Thursday, 3 July 2008


We have a canteen at work... Sometimes the food there is actually half decent (no cases of food poisioning, as yet). I just went to get a coffee, and was taken by a ham & egg baguette. Who was I to refuse? As I was heading back to my department, for a fun-filled day of condensed fonts being manually extended, and helvetica light being put into bold through quark, I grabbed a few sachets of salt n' pepper...

To my surprise, the condiment merchant's have had their black pepper pouchs redesigned! (that, or the catering company have found a cheaper vendor...... I prefer the first idea).

Check out the modernist (maybe communist?), cold, steely type on the new ones. Where's the friendly little illustration of, what I presume is, a cute little pepper plant. The handwritten blotchy inked title we all loved has been replaced by a mechanical, upper case statement... I do actually prefer it though.

It must be a bad sign, that this is what's on my mind at work in a 'creative design studio'...Here's what MY black pepper sachet would look like:

Clarendon. Traditional enough to put across the refined, professional feel of the clearly superior choice in food seasoning. But with approachable, soft, modern serifs and bulging bowls and curves to invite those who haven't quite made up their mind. And to add a bit of depth, a subtle cap P (obviously to match the partnering S for salt). I'd want the packet to be made out of a course recycled paper, to give it a nice texture.

How did you spend your thursday morning?

The salt packaging has now followed suit. Constructivism is taking over.

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Daisy said...

I wondered what that sachet of pepper was doing on the bed in the spare room. I like your design the best :)

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