Tuesday, 3 June 2008


One of my favourite shops in Norwich has to be The Perfect Pad.

Purveyor of all things contemporary, kitsch, and all that overpriced household stuff you can't really justify buying. (I'm currently fighting off the urge to spurt £40 on a breadbin). All the usual designers are there: Black & Blum, Joseph Joseph, and SuckUk - being my favourites...

Anyway. They've recently started selling Pantone mugs! I bagged myself an 021C.

"Pantone merchandise?! Heck Yeah!" I hear you all cry. Yesterday's trip to local department store Jarrolds lead to a equally cool discovery of Pantone rulers! Here's mine infront of my work pooter.

Sticking the brand Pantone Universe into google lead me to all kinds of useless pantone stuff I could start to obsessively collect. Horray.

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Nick said...

Jarrold do a line of Pantone pads as well, which make you look right posh at those tricky pitch meetings.

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