Thursday, 5 June 2008


A new t-shirt arrived in the post this morning, and I was pretty pleased with it....
  • I did the usual 'hold it up in front of you instead of actually trying it on' thing.
  • Admired the printing detail on the inside label.
  • Was chuffed with a free little badge with the designer's logo on it which was bundled in.
  • Considered wearing it for work....
Then it hit me! I now own several t-shirts, which I would never actually wear to work - because they're way too geeky! It started off with the rather cool Helvetica shirt from blanka (a much appreciated birthday present from Jonny)... This was joined by a CMYK shirt by supreme being from my girlfriend.
Not long after, I discovered another bit of Helveti-gear! This t
ime from collapse deisgn... And now this morning, the new sans-serif shirt from turn nocturnal.

Are these cool? Or am I just a sad geek???

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